A Coruña – Ferrol – A Coruña

Today I feel like to share this ride with you…

A Coruña is my hometown and the first time I left it I moved to Ferrol where I spent my  university period. After graduation I hadn’t come back yet…so this visit would be kind of special for the memories that will bring to my mind and for the distance, as it will be the longest ride I’ve ever done so far.

Ready, Set…

August, Sunday morning. To wake up this early should be forbidden on weekends but I’m not sure how long will it take me, there will be over 120km climbing and descending many hills and with this heat I estimate 4 hours…maybe more.

I’m quite slow at any sport I try but cycling is the one I train the least so I better plan this tours with enough time.

I take the road bike and inflate both wheels, I grab the tools and some money just in case. I put on the helmet, sunglasses and also the GoPro I was gifted few months ago!

Finally, I put sunscreen on and ready to go…

… Go!

The camera starts recording and I’m already on the road. The city still quiet, the sky almost without a cloud…it looks like it will be a perfect day for cycling!

Sadly, my plans don’t usually work out as planned. After almost 20 minutes I notice I’m riding too slow, too much even for me. I watch the speedometer and the speed is falling down in a plain section, what is going on?!? …THE BACK WHEEL!

The brake is touching the wheel so is forcing me to push harder the pedals. I need to pull over and check the bike. I take out the wheel and place it again. Now, it seems is not touching the brakes. ‘Problem solved!’ , I thought. ‘Nothing can stop me today!’, what an idiot!

Here’s the video resume passing through the different villages in our way to Ferrol.

A Coruña – Ferrol – A Coruña from Adrián Brea-L on Vimeo.

Betanzos may be small but it is a beautiful medieval village that keeps all its charming and their food and festivals are well-known in Galicia.

Pontedeume and Cabanas, two lovely villages divided by a estuary. Here, there is also a nature reserve called ‘Fragas do Eume‘. I share with you some pics from this amazing place!

Once we left behind Pontedeume there are only 15km to go, only the first 7km are uphill but afterwards there is a beautiful and long descend to Fene, next to Ferrol.

Last miles to city center were made just to enjoy them. Passing next to places where I spent over 4 years: the promenade I used to trained, the university, my old house… and finally,  the city hall.

This was my point of return so I get off, I drink and eat something and rest…

Check the ride profile so far.


A Coruña – Ferrol profile

…and return

It’s getting late and worse, it’s getting harder dealing with this heat, so I take last pictures and start the ride once again back home.

Here is when all the problems come together.

Remember the peaceful and long descend I told you before? This time I had to climb it, of course and it wasn’t easy…

Soon, due to this heat I finished all the water savings I had so I need to stop in a bar to refuel. This was not the only problem, you guess it! THE BACK WHEEL AGAIN! This time I couldn’t understand why it keeps touching the brake and I was missing something because this doesn’t make any sense, I wasn’t able to fix it completely so every 15-20km I need to stop again and do some trick to ride the next 15-20km. Exhausting!

All this troubles plus the little energies I have left is making this ride more and more difficult to me. I decide to take another path to save about 15km, this day has been too long for me.I got such a relief when I spot the 15km sign…yet, these were the toughest miles!

Check the complete ride


Garmin’s battery died at the red point. 16km away ¬¬

Finally, 120.1km according to speedometer! Never been so happy to get home! Exhausted, hungry as hell but excited for a new challenge accomplished!


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